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Everyone already knows, that omega 3 is good for health. It is beneficial for heart, brain and eyes.



However, are the fish oil supplements the best alternative?

Fish do not actually produce omega 3. They feed on algae, which are the primary source of this nutrient in the oceans. Fish oil extraction has a major environmental impact, which leads to imbalances in the marine ecosystem. On the other hand, algae can easily be grown and produced as a concentrated oil in DHA (a type of omega 3), which in contrast to fish oil is much more sustainable alternative. In addition, because of the production in a controlled environment, seaweed oil is naturally free of toxic unlike contaminants found in fish such as heavy metals, PCBs and dioxins.

If the fish extract their omega 3 from algae, why can’t we do that as well?



Por que ainda estamos consumindo óleo de peixe se existe uma alternativa melhor?

Vamos deixar os peixes em paz!

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