Who we are - Veg Nutrition

Veg Nutrition is a food supplement brand that offers quality and excellence of products, as well as ensuring respect for animals and the environment.

Yes, the world is changing.

We are more and more concerned about the origin of what we consume. We try to make the best choices all the time, both for our health and for the planet.

But what about our supplements?

At some stages of our lives we might face, that taking of dietary supplements is inevitable, either because of the difficulty in adapting the diet, the stressful routine, increasing of nutritional demand or to optimize sports performance.

Veg Nutrition has been established to help you find the options that meet your needs.

We are the brand that works exclusively with vegan products and clean label. In addition, our raw materials are made of the highest quality. Development of our supplements is always scientifically based to ensure , that you have access to the best and the most effective in the field of nutrition.

Our mission

To provide more health and well-being through our products, ensuring respect for life and taking care of our planet.

Our vision

To be considered a reference brand in Brazil and worldwide, for offering innovative products, providing more balanced life and getting our customers to see the world from a different perspective.  

Our Story

Filip Sarmir

Filip, one of the brand’s creators, was born in Slovakia and completed his university degree in Denmark in the area of International Sales and Marketing Management. After moving to Brazil, he realized one significat thing in contrast to the European market. Many products are still missing in Brazil, especially in regard to food, supplements and other products related to health. In addition, he noted that principles such as concern about the origin of what is consumed, strict control during production and environmental awareness related to consumption, were not so rooted in most of the Brazilian companies unlike widely presented in European companies. At this point, Filip saw the opportunity, combining his passion in marketing, sales and foreign trade with the possibility of offering innovative products and conquering this market.

Shila Minari

Shila is a nutritionist, vegetarian and co-creator of the brand Veg Nutrition alongside Filip. She is working as a clinical nutritionist for 6 years, principally in the area of vegetarianism. She realized that, the number of vegetarians was increasing progressively in the country. Her masters and doctoral studies in the academical field only confirmed what was becoming progressively evident: people are becoming more aware, trying to search for cleaner product, less environmentally impactful and essentially vegan. This type of food is no longer rarity and is taking more and more space on the market. In addition, her role as a functional sports nutritionist coupled with her passion for sports and made her realized, that there is a great difficulty of finding dietary supplements which at the same time, meet all vegan and vegetarian needs.

Veg Nutrition was born by merging a great necessity on the market involving Shila and Filip’s professional passion. Much more than just a brand, Veg Nutrition is idealization of a new way to nourish our body.


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